Homogenised Human Chart Design

Statistics are great at homogenising us, making us feel that we belong if we fit into these numbers or like freaks when we do not. The point is we are not equivalent and do we want to be. We know that. Some people today want to be leaders and a few people today want to be led. Some people like to have time alone, some folks love being busy with others all of the time.

Some of us are natural employees, some are not. Within the human species there is a hierarchy, just as there is in ants, bees, dinosaurs, dinosaurs and the rest of the species. All things being equal are an impossible assumption and should not be used for the basis of any discussion or presumption. The only thing which we can rely on in this world is change. Our genes like to mutate and evolve.

Human Design Chart

Just because she was different, mutative, possibly even more Evolved certainly with her thought process than those with no apparent physical disability, does not in any way mean that she’s not entitled to a lifetime experience.

We are all different. We are not a homogenised group of individuals, as Psychology and treatment would have us think. We are not here to make people like us to be do-gooders. A number of us are here to be selfish, to demonstrate how our own need to survive will help other people to survive and mutate. These folks are doing an unbelievable job and should not be judged by their self-absorption. When we begged our teenage son to be considerate as we would try to be all our life, we just had to inform that he did not have a considerate bone in his body and just let him be. He is a lovely kid and does not have to be conditioned from his real self.

The homogenised world is where we must follow certain rules to get chart human design conform, criteria that do not satisfy us all as people and force us to re-evaluate our precision so that we could all be labelled bi-polar, attention deficit disorder. The more we become what society wants us to be the more controllable we are and when we rebel with add, the only way to allow the teacher know it is just impossible for little boys to sit quietly behind a desk, we are given suppressive drugs.

 When we can admit that we are different then we could belong to our race, our species, since we will be approved for whoever we are. At the moment, especially in the Western, over-educated mind centred world, we just belong if we fit to the right parameters. Otherwise we are labelled and sometimes institutionalised.